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At KM Quality Roofing we offer only the best quality work and we take pride in our services which is why we provide a 5 year workmanship warranty on New Roof Installation, 4 year on Cedar Treatment, and 3 year on Roof Cleaning. We care about our customers and treat your home as if it was our own. Our main goal is to give you the quality you deserve for your investment.

New Roof Installation: Apply new underlayment and shingles to a clean dry decking. There is a variety of different roof systems, shingle colors and manufacturers to choose from.

Signs of a potential roof replacement:

-Spots on interior ceiling

-Loose or missing shingles

-Curling shingles

-Granules worn off

-Deteriorating shingles

-Roofing nails popping through

Roof Repair: The replacement of sections of a roof, blown off shingles, valleys, flashing, etc.

Roof Cleaning: Moss, Algae, Lichens, and mold are major problems for roofs. They feed on the minerals in the asphalt shingles and absorb moisture. Premature failure of the roof system will occur if left unchecked. The cleaning products we use biodegrade within hours, which makes it safe for kids and dogs to be outside after the job is complete. It also does not stain siding or harm landscaping.

Cedar Treatment / Preservation: A cedar roof is known for its natural beauty and rustic look. However, with cedar being a natural material, the oils within dry out over time. From a combination of ultraviolet light, heat, humidity and moisture absorption cause the cedar to become brittle, which can lead to unsightly warping and buckling. When your cedar roof is left unclean and untreated, it is subject to moss and algae growth which can cause premature deterioration. We use the following process for a complete cedar treatment:

>Assess the roof and replace any damaged and missing shakes or shingles.

>Apply an environmentally safe cedar wash to entire roof area to kill moss, algae or any other growth that may be present.

>Low pressure power wash to remove all unwanted debris for a clean treatment application.

>Apply a high performance penetrating preservative.

   "A clean treated roof is better than a re-roofers bill"

Gutter Cleaning: Keeping gutters clean is essential for water to run off the roof to the ground below. With the build up of leaves, pine needles and dirt clogging the down spouts the water will over flow  rotting fascia boards, soffit and creating stains on the gutters.

Snow & Ice Removal: Its better to attack this problem before it causes extensive damage to your homes interior. Ice dams form when indoor heat escapes into the attic and heats the roof decking. Snow on the heated part of the roof melts and flows down to the eave, pass the exterior wall where the temperature is below 32 degrees, and refreezes into an ice dam. Water gets trapped behind the dam and eventually finds its way into your homes interior. Proper attic insulation and Ice & water shield underlayment will help prevent ice dams.

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